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sabato 24 novembre 2012

Testing fun... or not?

Finally something interesting to do at work! Or that's what i thought.

I have been asked if i was interested in testing a game, why even bother asking? OF COURSE i'm interested in testing a new game, so i agreed and a few minutes later i was given the setup.

Took me quite a bit to install the thing as it was in korean and i needed to install the language support for it, the patching took several hours with a super fast connection as the launcher would occasionally decide to stop from downloading for whatever reason (and needed a reboot every time).

After the hassle of installing i tried to log in, only to find out that the game was under maintenance, hence no testing could be done.

The day after i managed to get the game to start (8 hours of maintenance? Heck, that's a lot!) and i found, to my great displeasure i might add, that my PC at work isn't good enough to run this game, i mean, the game can be started and all, but it's laggy as hell due to the heavy graphics, and even when on minimum settings, i won't get any higher than 20~23 FPS in open wide areas with no people, and as low as to 10~15 FPS in towns, so it's hardly playable.

At that point i thought i'd test it at home since my machine is more powerful than the one at work, and even though i get better performance (25~30 FPS in town with MINIMUM settings) you can understand that it's not exactly playable. It would be good if it was a PvE game, but this is a PvP Based MMORPG and that kind of lag means certain death in battle.

I'll keep testing it for a while longer but, well, i wouldn't play it.

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