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lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Coming (not so) Soon

Hello people!
It's been a while since my last post, i've been busy lately, a lot of work to do, i have more duties to attend to now, and i'm also working on a little project wich takes what little time i can spare.

And this little project is what i want to talk about, can't disclose all the details about it, but i assure you it's going to be something fun.

I am in fact working on a videogame, sort of. Right now i'm still on the planning part of the job, deciding how stuff is suposed to work, how the game should look like, and things like that.
I want to make a videogame that resembles the good old RPGs, i want to bring back the splendor of those games full of passion and emotions, but i want to do it with style. I'm also planning to combine it with a newer kind of gameplay, allowing people to decide their strategy and customize their characters. I'm also writing a story for it, i want it to be as entertaining as possible.

Only bad part about it all, is that the game is going to work on a browser. Yes, i know, browser games suck, but my knowledge in programming stops there for now, maybe in the future (far far away), i will work on a stand alone, PC game, but i have to start somewhere.

A couple of friends will be helping me, as i can't exactly make a whole game on my own, even though it's a browser game, it will still need art, and for this i asked a very good friend, adept in drawing, she'll make the characters in a Final Fantasy Tactics style (looking forward to them), and another friend with a certain degree of expertise in databases is helping me plan a good structure to not have the game fall apart.

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