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lunedì 12 novembre 2012


Not sure if i said this already or not, but work organization sucks quite badly in this company.
I have yet to understand to who i have to listen to, it happens often to recieve orders from various people above me, and it's quite difficult to manage everything at once, not to mention that everybody claimst that their orders must have the top priority... This is just driving me insane.

As i said in the past, my job here is supposed to involve customer service, you've heard me complain about these so called tickets quite a few times already, afterall most of them consist in complaints and ridiculous requests. Other than that i'm supposed to provide the paid services to our paying players, check that the game rules are being followed and organize events, i should also give support to the sales team when requested.

Point is, i'm not helping, i'm doing half of the work they're supposed to do, sure, i'm not the one planning the stuff, but if i'm the one who always has to do the physical work...
And then i recieve complaints that things aren't being done in time... Maybe they should be start asking themselves WHY.

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