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lunedì 30 aprile 2012

Tounraments! What a joy...

Some time ago, i decided to organize a small tournament, you know, to get people more motivated to play.
I thought it would be a nice idea, i made it with little to no requirements, and everybody was free to sign up to it.
But i soon understood that it wouldn't have been a popular event...
In fact, since there aren't that many players in this game, i set it up for no more than 40 people. Needles to say, we barely hit the number of necessary people.
So i managed to make the teams and make them even (skill-wise by checking the stats of every player who registered).
And the day of the first match came... but only 5 people (out of 10) showed up.
Pretty much the same happened for every other match till the end of the tournament...
Now i'm going to make a new one, slightly different than the first one, i hope this works otherwise no more tournaments.

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