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lunedì 2 aprile 2012

The things i do!

Apparently the job as a Game Master isn't quite as i thought it would be.
I was expecting to be doing things like customer support, checking for rule breakers and punish them, create events for the people to enjoy, have fun and make them stick to the game.
Lately though, i've become a designer and an advertisement maker.
In the past month, i've been so overflooded with chores that i didn't even get the time to make a new post here.
Short notice for those of you who care: I'm still alive, just dead tired (pun intended).
I really lost count of how many animated gifs, posters, screenshots, artworks i had to create/modify.
Honestly, i don't believe these are chores a Game Master should be doing, i'm sure the designers we have could do a far better job on that than i could ever do, and i'm no good in marketing either, so asking me to promote sales through news isn't exactly the best idea...
The things i do to live on...

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