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domenica 6 maggio 2012

Wow i'm tired!

Yup, as of late i have been unable to get enough sleep.
It probably has nothing to do with the job, but it surely doesn't help in the concentration zone.
I'm waking up awfully early, and no matter what i do i'm just unable to sleep as much as i'd like to.
Going to sleep earlier doesn't help, i only end up waking up even earlier.
Anyway, don't suppose you people are interested in this kind of stuff.
The game is going decently, it seems like the population has stabilized more or less, these graphs i can see don't really make much sense to me, in fact, according to them, we should have something like 40 thousand users and they're increasing daily, though the average daily connected users hasn't changed by one bit... do we lose as many as we gain?

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