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mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Not always things go the right way

Especially when it comes to Corean games.
Yes, the game i'm working with is developed by a Corean software house, i don't mean to say that they're all bad, but most of them are, and only a very small number of them is capable of developing high quality games.
This one sadly is not one of those.
Yesterday morning, a patch has been released wich was supposed to introduce a new feature. This feature should have worked as an indicator of the latency to the gaming server, allowing people to choose the server wich best suits their connection.
Sadly, it looks like this function overloads the server with data packs and it results in massive lagging for everybody.
Needless to say, i had to overwork, waiting for a pacth fixing this issue, wich came only several hours later.

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