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giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

Is pointing out ignorance bad?

I am by no way a Nobel  nor a Pulitzer prize, i am no genius and i'm nowhere near to perfection.
But i'm one who puts pride in everything i do.
I try my best to become better and better at whatever i do, because i think there's always a chance that someday i'll become an even better person.
I consider knowing my own language as an honour, it may sound odd, it may sound cliché, but there is power in words.
The power to convey feelings, the power to convey a message, the power to let others understand what you mean.

Long intro i know, and if you stopped reading i don't blame you, but for the others who are still reading, let's get back to the question.
Is pointing out ignorance bad?
I'm recieving tickets about people having issues, tickets that sound like this:
"I have a problem, help me!" (notice i actually wrote that in an understandable form, they aren't always this clear)

Here is when i actually begin thinking if i'm talking to a moron or not. How am i supposed to help with your problem without knowing what said problem is?
Of course i go asking for more details, something like this:
"could you please explain in more detail what your problem is? The game doesn't work? Are you unable to log in? Does the game give you any kind of error message?"

One would expect an answer to at least one of those questions right?

"I need help! I Can't play the game!" (once again written in an understandable way)

There you get the confirmation of your previous thoughts, you're talking to a moron...

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