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domenica 26 febbraio 2012

Games and Me

This time the focus of the post is not on my job (even though i'll get to it at some point).
I wanted to talk a bit about my relationship with videogames.
I always liked videogames since i was a child, they weren't just fun, they were fascinating, small worlds born from the human intellect. When i was a child i always wondered how it could be possible to see those pictures moving on the screen, following my commands. I loved the stories behind the various videogames, they made me laugh, they made me sad, all kind of emotions came out from playing those games.
And so i decided that i want to be part of that world, i wanted to be able to create my own videogames, i wanted to write those fascinating stories, make people dream and have fun. Growing up though, i learned that making a videogame isn't as easy as it looks like, if you wanted to make one on your own you'd have to know a lot of things, even if you're not starting from the beginning.
I still wanted to be part of the gaming industries though, so i took the chance to become a Game Master. I may not be making any videogame, but with my effort, i can make an existing one more enjoyable for the players.

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