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lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Working as a GM

Or else, what does a GM do?
"With great power comes great responsibility."
Or so they say... my point of view is a bit different:
"With great power comes great pain in the backdoor."
Wielding the infamous "Ban-Hammer" the "Mjöllnir" of modern times, is not as easy and direct as one would think, in fact, there is always some degree of hesitation in dispensing the fatal blow.
There are rules to follw, you can't just ban anyone, people has the right to go through a trial first...
Anyway, banning and warning people is not all, there's the whole customer service part that's hidden behind the monitors, wich players never get to see.
Ever wondered what happens when you send an help request for issues in the game? Like quests not working, items missing, bug reports and so on?
Well, that's something we GMs have to take care of, at least here where i'm working it's like that.

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