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venerdì 30 dicembre 2011


This is probably something not everybody knows.
In the company i work for, we GMs don't just keep control over the players and give customer support, we also are Alpha and Beta testers for the new games.
It happens that the game i'm going to work with, will be completely translated in Italian (My mothertongue for those of you who didn't know).
I only recently recieved the test server and i started working on it, wich means testing the installer for the game client, the downloader, connection tests and so on. I found many localization issues, words translated wrongly, some were just invented, tips not translated at all and some pop up windows were in jibberish (while i'm fluent in it, not most people can understand that crap).
What do you do when you run into an issue like that?
Bug Report!
I filed a 10+Mb sized .xls (screenshots included for better comprehension, all of them with markings to make the mistakes more evident... 31 pictures from every single thing in the game) and sent it to the game developers.
It felt nice, i finally found myself to be of use for once.
Thank me if your game is translated and you can actually understand it!

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