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mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011


I didn't understand them before, now even less...
Before i go on with my rant, i have to say that i'm not a native english speaker (nor typer).
My mothertongue is Italian, and my job is to give support to Italian players on italian servers of this game.
Now that we all have this common knowledge i can go on.

As i said in my last post, i'm supposed to also give support to players who are having issues with the various aspects of the game, wich means people stuck, bug reports, account issues and so on.
You'd expect these people to actually tell you what their issue is, otherwise how is one supposed to give any help?
Well... sad to say, no, do not expect that. Most of those messages lack any sort of grammar, and, in the worst cases they lack the logic process of human thought... is it so hard to make a sentence wich actually makes some sense?
I am here to help you, and that's fine, it's my choice, but it would be appreciated if you actually let me do my job without the need for an expert in semiotics!

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