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martedì 10 luglio 2012

The first (real) issues with the game

It was bound to happen sooner or later, the game isn't working properly, or rather, the servers are acting up.
A few days ago the server started booting people out of the game, not just one or two, but tenths of them at the same time. This thing seemed to happen on a regular basis every hour and half or so, but as of today the random disconnects have become more frequent.

We asked the techs to perform tests to see what was wrong but they couldn't find anything, so now we're waiting for the software house wich made the game to check if there are any issues.

My job however is only affected in the way that i have to explain the above to the players that complain... wich means more work on top of what i already do.

I'm not giving up though!
Even when players ask stupid questions i will answer in an appropriate way, even when players keep asking the same question two or three times, i will give them regular answers!

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